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My compassionate, results-oriented approach has been helping clients in the United States and around the world, lead happier, fulfilling lives by discovering their authentic self.

I’m Gerri DiBenedetto, LCSW, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in New York City/ Kingston NY and working with clients around the world via tele-therapy. I am here to guide you through life’s most complex challenges, I truly care about my patients’ well-being and provide results-oriented, compassionate counseling and psychological services catered to their unique needs.

Since 2000, I have provided a host of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. I can work with you on an individual or couples basis and help with relationships, career and your overall contentment.

Patient well-being is my top priority.  I go above and beyond to help you overcome current and persistent obstacles that may be getting in your way.  Please reach out to me today for more information about how we can work together.

How I Can Help You: About Me
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