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Small steps, taken together, can lead to giant leaps into a new way of being.

I work with people all over the world, from all walks of life, striving to help them connect with their authentic self and take mindful steps towards their life's goals. I don't subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, I believe that people are complex and have unique challenges. I will appreciate and value your differences and cultural identity and will cater my work to meet your individual needs.


When you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you.

I work with individuals to support healing in areas of anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse (12-Step & eating disorders), career, and various life transitions.

In our sessions, we’ll work together to honor your truth, help harness your inner voice and learn to share it with others with intention.  My belief is that the most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves.

I want to help you strengthen this relationship, to honor your truth and live an authentic life.  My multifaceted, personalized approach may include structures such as journaling, mindfulness, readings or listenings to extend our work "beyond the room".

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The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

- Esther Perel

I work with couples in all stages of a relationship to support communication, connection, conflict resolution, healing, and life transitions.

In couples sessions, we’ll work to honor the truth of each individual within the relationship to increase understanding and foster compassionate and respectful interaction.


We must take care of our families wherever we find them. 

- Elizabeth Gilbert

I work with families in all stages of life together to support communication, connection, conflict resolution, parenting, adoption, and life transitions. In family sessions, we’ll work to strengthen ongoing communication patterns in order to form a foundation for life's changes. Our work together may include extensions such as journaling, readings, listenings, or shared explorations and activities.

Family Time
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Connecting During Challenging Times

A Multi-Study Analysis has found that regular walks in natural settings helps to improve mood and self-esteem. Thus, nature walks can reduce anxiety, depression and negativity.

        -The Institute of Mental Health

The world has never experienced anything like COVID-19 and the social challenges that the pandemic presents. We are all experiencing social isolation and at times the loneliness that can come with it.

I am offering a unique "Walk & Talk" therapy which is a socially-distant walk together through a beautiful forest in the Hudson Valley on a flat, rail trail.

This unique form of therapy allows you to relax and helps unlock emotions that may otherwise be bottled up inside.  

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Staying Grounded & Connected

I have worked remotely with many clients, via Tele-therapy for years and have had excellent results in helping them to lead more fulfilling, mindful lives.

Having personally lived in Asia, Europe and LA,  I understand the unique challenges of living in a place that is different from where you are from.  A new situation, living far from home, meeting new people, finding your tribe, and at times dealing with language and/or cultural differences--can be overwhelming.  I can help you to navigate new or unfamiliar surroundings to better ground you.

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Offices in Kingston, San Francisco & New York City

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Tele-Therapy Available for Clients in the US or Internationally 

"Walk & Talk" Social Distanced Therapy in The Hudson Valley 


Masters in Social Work, Fordham University

Masters of Family and Child Counseling, Antioch University

Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders, NYC

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Gerri DiBenedetto Psychotherapist Kingston, NYC & TeleTherapy: Testimonials

Since starting to work with Gerri, I have seen major positive changes in my life - all of which were a direct result of our weekly sessions. Gerri is kind and compassionate, and I have always felt that she understands what I need in any given life situation. Gerri has become a trusted resource and confidante for any major life decisions. I have even worked with her remotely, while living on the West Coast and currently as I live out of the States. I know that having her as a sounding board and advisor has cleared the way for me to enact much-needed change to my previous behavior. Anyone who has the chance to work with Gerri, especially in a long-term capacity, should call themselves very fortunate.


I have been working with Gerri for three years now. I began treatment when my father’s health was really starting to wane and I was under horrible stress. Gerri is exceptional at her practice because she has a way of listening and guiding you to find your own answers—and yet that guidance is always peppered with the perfect balance of compassion and strength. Anyone working with her will feel at ease immediately and have a sense of being in the most capable of hands. I could happily write a book about my gratitude to Gerri D, but let’s save that for another time!

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Gerri's impact on my life is immeasurable. When I first arrived to her office for a session, I was a scared little girl with no sense of self. I drowned my insecurities in alcohol and drugs on a daily basis. After six years of consistent work together, I learned to be the confident, successful woman I am today. I am now working in an executive position, maintaining a healthy relationship and God willing, will soon achieve seven years sober. I would recommend Gerri to anyone looking for self-improvement.

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For the past 3 years, Gerri has played an integral role in my personal and professional life providing individual and family therapy. Our sessions began in person during a career crossroads in NY and transitioned to online during the year Gerri was in Bali. Gerri saw me through a harrowing life event in the death of my wife and shift into single parenthood. My job recently relocated me to LA and I continue to see Gerri via online. Her practical, straightforward approach has been invaluable and has kept me focused and centered during extraordinarily challenging times. In short, Gerri just gets it.
~ Blake

Name and photos are not of actual clients to respect their privacy

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If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.

- Buddhist Teaching

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I love helping my patients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact me today to learn more and to book a session.


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